Real Estate


We understand that you're not just selling someone their next house, but your inviting them into their next home and into a lifestyle. The Skylander Media team can help you capture and showcase the absolute best features of their new home, its neighborhood and its city in dramatic new perspectives.  With sweeping views of large and unique properties to intimate and seamless fly-arounds of the home and its yard that capture details and give prospective buyers a real sense of what the property feels like.


Whether you're an agent selling commercial property or a business owner showcasing your facility, promoting commercial real estate presents a unique set of challenges often requiring a mixed media marketing approach including social media, dedicated websites and print campaigns to reach and attract potential buyers and clients whether across town or across the country.  Let Skylander Media, LLC help provide your team with the very best in media content that provides you with relevant and immersive visual information from aerial views, to ground photography and video to interactive 3-D Models.

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